Night Light

Taking pictures at night is extremely hard. I was truly struggling at first with this. I first went to Ocean Side beach to take pictures and I had to take over 100 pictures and honestly I thought I was only going to take 20 shoots. I wanted to take pictures of the light reflecting off of the water. Focusing the lights was very hard and it took me a while before I was able to get descent shoots. The last picture I took, it wasn’t meant for my blog, but I guess I should post my effort. I went out with my sister and I had her move around with her flashlight. I was telling her to write her name, but I couldn’t really get the shoot. We were outside for two hours and this was the best I got. I was more proud that I tried and ever since we had this assignment I have been going outside at night to practice my night photography. One thing I will say setting up the tripod was also hard. My buddy Jasmine kept getting the legs stuck at the pier. Over all I think the assignment has motivated me to go out and explore new things I can do with my camera.


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