Richard Avedon- Darkness and Light

Avedon dominated in the photography world. He was always moving and working with different people and companies. He started off with pictures that made him scared. I think by doing so it made him into a stronger person. He concurred his fears and made them beautiful. He changed the fashion world. He liked having his models moving never just there standing stiff. Everything in his pictures had a movement and a reason. He told stories with his pictures everything had a meaning. He was really hard on himself. Even if he had a great, amazing picture he would always find something wrong with it. I really liked this video it showed me that it is okay to fail and be hard on yourself. To always be moving and active. If you want that perfect shoot, it is not just the model doing the work it is you too. Avedon was always somewhere changing the photography world and fashion world, and that is how I want to be always moving. Always somewhere talking pictures.


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