Photo booth Project!


So I had to do my photo booth in two days. I wanted to do something that meant a lot to me and that was capture shoots of children with special needs. I did take some, but a lot of parents wanted me to go to there homes and I just couldn’t do that. As you can see my black and white pictures are the ones I did at the park near my house and even if I didn’t have a lot of people it was still very moving to meet super moms and hear their stories. My second location I did it at the church my parents go to. I used a yellow sheet for my back drop. It was very hard to ask people to take pictures, even if I grew up in that church. I haven’t gone in over five years. At the end people had fun coming by taking pictures. I think it was very moving hearing their encouraging words and having conversations with them. I had a little girl come very two minutes, because she wanted to take more pictures. This project helped me learn to talk to people and get out of my comfort zone.


Letter to a Young Artist – Faith

IMG_1165 Faith is a strong word. When people are at their lowest point in life the word “faith” brings strength to ones life. “Faith” is what keeps us going. I chose “faith” as my word, because in photography I know nothing and it’s a challenge for me to understand and keep up with the rest of the class. At points I look around my classroom and I see these amazing shoots taken by my peers and all I can do is have faith in myself to get better and improve. I have to have faith that I have potential, it all takes time and dedication. “Faith”, everything in its own time. If we don’t have faith within ourselves then who will have faith for us. Like the Letters to a Young Artist, says “Never stop believing. Faith requires discipline and a lot of imagination”(173, ADA). So therefor I will never stop believing in myself. I will strive to be the best that I can be. I will have faith in myself and I won’t stop believing. My shoots will be amazing.

Silver and light Video

I think as an Artist you do want to do you best and strive to do bigger and better things. You do want your name out there. Ian is a photographer who made his own camera, and wanted to take huge pictures of landscape as they are. He called it a time machine. I really like how he thought outside the box and was very creative. I think as an artist I want to be able to think outside the box and make great things that make me happy. Ian did have a breaking point and I think it was very important for me to see that. I feel like I always have breaking points and to see a successful artist have down moments makes me think its okay for me to be down sometimes. To also remember everything is a struggle but there is always light when there is faith.

Outdoor Lighting

Today for our class we went to Discover Park Lake to take pictures using natural lighting and also artificial lighting. Today I felt very dark and mysterious and I felt like when I was in Lightroom I fixed some pictures to capture my mood, even if I was not the model. I think my main challenge for today was capturing the lighting and using it to my advantage. I think thats one of the things I really have to work on is my lighting and seeing it and owning it. I feel like I turn towards warm colors, but today I wanted to challenge myself and do other things with my pictures. I think as a Liberal Studies major I feel like the outsider and that I have a lot to improve to reach everyone in my classes level. I just have to remember to reach my goal and thats all that matters to improve for me, and that it is okay to be the underdog.


Today for class we went down to the library to the second floor. We worked in a studio on lighting. It was a challenge to take pictures because it was so many of us, but I got the opportunity to stay in the front to get my shoots. I noticed the best shoots were the people who had fun with it. I know when it was my turn to get my picture taken I didn’t know what to do and I just stayed there smiling. I loved learning about lighting, because the better lighting the best pictures. Lighting you can do so much with it. You can highlight the parts you want and darken other parts. You can be in one place, but have a lot of different pictures just because of lighting.

Environmental Project

So for this week we were challenged in meeting two new class mates. One who would take my picture and another who I would take their picture. I had the honer of getting Chris. He was super chill and cool to take his pictures. He went with the flow and sometimes he would do his own thing and I think those moments were my best shots. Chris loves sports so I though it was important to show that side of him, of course in nature. Also I wanted to get a shot of him just showing what a strong student he is. I really did enjoy taking his pictures at Jack’s Pond Park. I think the only challenge I had was the lighting we went around 3:30pm so there was a lot of light out, but once I fix the lighting on my camera everything went smoothly.

Everybody Street

The movie was so motivating,  because you have so many photographers taking pictures of New York City. They all had there own style and different drives. They all thought differently when it came to taking pictures on the street of New York, they all had their own missions. They wanted to capture something beautiful, motivating, something that meant something to them and the people in the picture. I think to myself what kind of a photographer am I? How will I capture people and the environment around them? I think that I find it easier when I take a lot of pictures and see the jewels I have at the end of the day. I find myself to be the photographer who would take risk and take pictures of gang members and people shooting up drugs. I want to not only capture the beauty within people, but I want to take pictures that show peoples inner pain and worries. I want to be like the women in the video the “under dogs” proving that women can take outstanding pictures. Like that one lady who would ride with the police officers to capture the good and bad.

Ted Talk and Letters to a young Artist.

I related so much to the video because growing up I was never encouraged to be creative. I grew up in a very religious household so to think outside the box or to have a creative way of seeing things just never happened. I was never the artist, painter, dancer. It wasn’t till I was in sports that I found that I had my own style in doing things. The way I set up at base before I hit the ball, I was called “El Torro”, I finally started to become me. Now that I am in college I started to have a new way of thinking, I want to be more creative for my future students, this is the reason I chose my depth of study to be Arts and technology. I want to be able to do art, video, photography projects to enhances my students learning. I found a quote in the book Letters to a Young Artist that really spoke to me. “Our chains are real part of our crafts. but always, our passion must be greater than the chains.”(ADS, pg158) I take this to heart, because I feel like we all go through challenges and they become chains on us and hold us down, and we can’t find a way to break free. I feel like our art and creativity our passion should be our center to break free and make us stronger. To use our pain to empower us and our art.

Walnut Park

Today was very challenging working with the light and making sure every shot came out amazing. I find that I am slowly leaning towards warm colors and light in the nature around me. Our class went to Walnut Park today to work on our composition shots. Walking around I can feel what shots would be beautiful. I feel slowly I am getting it and I love the feeling of accomplishment.

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