Family fun

I think it’s really beautiful to capture people’s smiles and joy. The best shoots are the ones that come natural and unexpected. Moments that show true love and happiness.

Chico Ca

I went to Chico for Thanksgiving. I think the most beautiful part of going up north is seeing the beautiful colors of the trees. Every where you turn there is something amazing to take a picture of, or a back drop to take a nice shoot. I really enjoyed taking pictures of my family and seeing my sisters faces as they through the leaves up in the air. The color of the trees were the highlight to my trip. This trip really inspired me to want to travel more and take more pictures every where I go.

Book- Till All The Pieces Fit

My book 

I think it was important for me to do this book for my sister. I want the world to see how amazing these children are. At the end of the day anything is possible. Sometimes we lose hope and we need to be reminded of the beautiful and positive things in life. I think it was important to see other peoples lives, not only their struggles, but how they saw life. How their kids or siblings changed their lives. The last two girls I have in my book are two college students. Despite their disabilities they are going to college and they are making it, even if with a little help. It shows how with hard work and dedication dreams do come true. Everyone has a reason for living. Even if someone has special needs, that does not mean they are not living. They are just living and seeing the world in a different way. Maybe it is time we see the world the way they do.



I went to Mopa, in Balboa park November 18th with Jasmine. We got these early so jasmine and I went out exploring. I really didn’t know what to expect. Mopa was nothing what I expected. I thought it was going to be boring, but I loved it. Mopa was the most amazing thing I have ever done in a long time. I was really excited to see that the art was about Latino photographers. I lOVED how each section had its message all hitting the problems Mexico has. The dreams children have and go unfulfilled, represented by the boarder. The government problems with the land being full of filth. The rich only getting richer why the poor suffer. The war on drugs, and how it affects people. Women who are silenced and only feel pain. All these ideas and issues are represented through pictures. I think it was a real eye open of how pictures can tell stories of he pain people carry. The pain a country feels. Sometimes we just take pictures for memories, but we don’t really think about the story that it is telling. If a person smiles, it is truly happiness? What message are we telling when we go out to take photographs. Do we have a mission?

I also like seeing the exhibit with the young artist. It was shocking to see how at a young a girl was having to send a message to the world about girl bodies and no means no. I really like seeing how young children see the world especially since I am going into the teaching field. I think its important to understand the fast changing world around us.

At the end of the day I loved going to MOPA, it was an eye opening experience.

Richard Avedon- Darkness and Light

Avedon dominated in the photography world. He was always moving and working with different people and companies. He started off with pictures that made him scared. I think by doing so it made him into a stronger person. He concurred his fears and made them beautiful. He changed the fashion world. He liked having his models moving never just there standing stiff. Everything in his pictures had a movement and a reason. He told stories with his pictures everything had a meaning. He was really hard on himself. Even if he had a great, amazing picture he would always find something wrong with it. I really liked this video it showed me that it is okay to fail and be hard on yourself. To always be moving and active. If you want that perfect shoot, it is not just the model doing the work it is you too. Avedon was always somewhere changing the photography world and fashion world, and that is how I want to be always moving. Always somewhere talking pictures.


ABCSo for this assignment our class had to go out and take pictures of things that looked like letters. It was honestly fun and hard at the same time. I could not find things that looked like a B nor an N. I took most of my pictures at CSUSM, and some at Balboa Park. I like doing this, because it made me think of things in a different way. I had to imagine objects in letters and sometimes I couldn’t see the letters when my friends would. It was funny because at times we would see different letters in the same object. Using Photoshop to fix my picture was a challenge. I had to restart three times. I couldn’t fit all my pictures, or I would move it and it would get all messed up.¬† I tried my best and this is the best I could get my picture. I think I want to challenge myself again and redo this project.

Night Light

Taking pictures at night is extremely hard. I was truly struggling at first with this. I first went to Ocean Side beach to take pictures and I had to take over 100 pictures and honestly I thought I was only going to take 20 shoots. I wanted to take pictures of the light reflecting off of the water. Focusing the lights was very hard and it took me a while before I was able to get descent shoots. The last picture I took, it wasn’t meant for my blog, but I guess I should post my effort. I went out with my sister and I had her move around with her flashlight. I was telling her to write her name, but I couldn’t really get the shoot. We were outside for two hours and this was the best I got. I was more proud that I tried and ever since we had this assignment I have been going outside at night to practice my night photography. One thing I will say setting up the tripod was also hard. My buddy Jasmine kept getting the legs stuck at the pier. Over all I think the assignment has motivated me to go out and explore new things I can do with my camera.


  1. Street photography is when you take pictures outside and capture pictures of people or their surroundings. We watched a movie about street photography and the photographers would go up to people take pictures of them. There was one who even followed a group of people and saw the way they lived and the drugs they would take.
  2. Shutter speed is the timing, such as F-stops, and aperture is how much light is let in, the more open the more light is being let in.
  3. PSD file is a file that has layers that you can work in photoshop with, and a Raw file comes from the source which is the camera.
  4. Metagram
  5. Crop grid helps us crop photos. Red eye corrects peoples red eyes. The brush helps us lighten or darken spots. Radial, spot, ground.
  6. Histogram, shows us the exposer of our picture.
  7. In Lightroom in the develop page you have choice to have your picture in color or black and white. You can also use the thing we added to our light
  8. room that has a presets already in black and white. We can also move the exposer.
  9. Iso, Apature, Shutter

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